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Arizona, Williams - Planes of Fame

Founded over 45 years ago, Planes of Fame, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, is dedicated to preserving aviation history for the benefit of future generations. Currently, The museum houses over 150 aircraft at its two locations, the main facility at Chino Airport in California and a satellite museum near the Grand Canyon at Valle Airport in Arizona. The museum displays aircraft spanning the history of manned flight, from a replica of the Chanute Hang Glider of 1896, through modern space flight, and includes numerous milestone achieving test and research flight vehicles.

There are many individuals behind the scenes who keep this one of the greatest air museums in the world. These people do everything from restorations and maintenance to volunteering their time as docents giving tours and answering questions. All of the staff at the museum are knowledgeable and friendly. Thanks to all of the men and women who volunteer their time, insuring these aircraft will be around for many more years for future generations to enjoy and learn from.

To learn more about Planes of Fame, including information on how you can become a member, we invite you to browse the museum's web-site and to visit the museums located in Chino, California and Valle, Arizona.



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